Welcome to the Hursley Road Dental Practice

Serving the Chandlers Ford Community since 1971


The team at the Hursley Road Dental Practice would like to extend a very warm welcome to you.

We are an independent fully private family dental practice. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of dental care from our comfortable and relaxing surroundings. We have recently expanded to increase the number of surgeries and as a result we are now able to accept new patients to the practice. Please call for more information and a practice brochure.  

We are committed to preventative dentistry and our dentists and hygienists will do all they can to meet your needs and wishes.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update 01/06/20

We are expecting to re-open on Monday 8th June.

Our highest priority will be the safety of our patients and staff.

We are expecting to initially operate a significantly reduced service and it is quite likely we will be unable to carry out any treatment involving the high-speed drill. Appointments may only consist of examination/assessment, temporary fillings and extractions. This is due to the limited availability of the advanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for procedures that generate an aerosol water spray.

Until we re-open messages left on the main practice phone number may not be picked up every day. For details on emergency care until this date please see notes below.

Dental Problems

If you have had a problem during the closure and have been in contact with us we will have a record of this and will get in touch – you do not need to notify us. If you haven’t been in contact then please email us at hursley.dental@btconnect.com with details of the issue. We will have to triage patients according to the severity of the problem and what treatment we are actually able to provide. Apologies if you have a problem that still has to wait, we will get to you eventually. We may only be able to offer telephone advice for some cases.

Routine Examinations

There may be a need to re-arrange many of the appointments already booked in the weeks ahead to facilitate our new way of working.

Appointments Cancelled during Closure

A record of all cancelled appointments has been kept. We will start to contact all those who have been cancelled as soon as possible. Please bear with us as there have been many appointments cancelled during this time. We will be prioritising those who have had problems or had incomplete treatment from before the closure.

COVID Symptoms or those Self-Isolating

We will not be able to see anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, in a household with anyone displaying symptoms, or any patients who are at increased risk or shielding. If you have a dental problem please call us for advice.

Attending the Practice

Please only attend if you have an appointment booked. All booking of appointments will be done over the phone.

Social distancing will mean reducing the numbers of people in the practice at any one time. Advice on exactly how attending the practice will work will be posted on this website, and we will display information on the window of Reception. We anticipate our receptionists will be too busy to go through all the changes to each individual personally on the phone.

The days running up to re-opening will be spent finalising the necessary policies and protocols but something along the following lines is likely to be in place:

  • On arrival please text your name to 07579821737 and wait in your car. We will phone back when we are ready to see you. If you do not have a mobile phone then please knock on the Reception window. A few chairs appropriately spread out will be available in the waiting room for those with reduced mobility.
  • Avoid bringing any unnecessary clothing or bags into the practice.
  • Do not bring friends or family, except carers & adults supervising child patients.
  • Hand sanitiser gel will need to be used on entering and leaving.
  • On leaving do not stay to book appointments at Reception – this can be done later over the phone.
  • Payments will be taken over the phone – we will not be accepting cash.
  • Clean your teeth and ideally use the toilet at home rather than at the practice.

Going Forward

We hope to gradually return to a normal level of service. The financial burden and potential impact on our fees of the extra measures is as yet unknown, but we will try to keep it to a minimum. The prolonged shutdown has been a struggle for many businesses, we are very pleased to have been able to keep going so far but whether we continue with the same structure as before remains to be seen.

We have been overwhelmed by the concern and understanding received from so many of our loyal patients over this difficult time. Thank you so much for your patience and support.


Emergency Care

We can offer telephone advice for emergencies on the following numbers or via email at hursley.dental@btconnect.com.

Patients of Jane Gale should phone 07395911073

Patients of Richard Lewis should phone 07535163957

Any other patients please phone 07581888945 

Please try to phone early in the day if you think you may need to be seen urgently, otherwise between 9 and 5 would be appreciated. We may not be able to answer immediately but please leave a message and we will get back to you.

The emergency service on offer will regrettably be limited and mostly consist of advice. The NHS has set up Urgent Dental Care Centres to deal with severe emergencies. We can refer urgent cases to these centres. The only situations where people are likely to be seen are pain and swelling from a dental infection, trauma, and bleeding from a recent extraction. There are significant restrictions on anything dentists can do that generates an aerosol (the drill, ultrasonic scaler, or air/water spray) unless a high level of Personal Protective Equipment is in use.

For problems such as broken teeth, lost fillings and lost crowns the advice would usually be to keep the area clean, sharp edges can be smoothed with a wooden emery board if accessible, but if not, temporary filling kits are usually available from large pharmacies or online, alternatively placing sugar-free chewing gum, orthodontic wax (or the wax from something like “Babybel” cheese) over the area can help reduce any sensitivity as well as smooth any roughness and stop food getting trapped.

Meet the Team

The team at Hursley Road Dental Practice is made up of dentists, hygienists, dental nurses and reception staff. All of our dental staff are registered with the General Dental Council.


About the Practice

The Practice was established in 1971, having been converted from the old dairy. More recently it has undergone major renovations to accommodate additional surgeries.


Your Visit

We aim to offer the highest quality of private dental care to the community of Chandlers Ford. We are committed to preventative dentistry and our team will do all they can to meet your needs and wishes.


Contact Details

Surgery Hours

Mon - Thurs 08.00 - 17.00 & Fri 08.00 - 16.00

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions the Practice is closed until 8th June 2020

For emergencies please call the practice on 02380 267141 and a recorded message will inform you how to contact our on-call dentist.